Serving your investment needs.

Via our subsidiary, regulated Luxembourg based investment manager, Opera SA, investors can trust Consilient Capital to manage and execute mandates in accordance with our thesis.

Consilient is currently active in funding major investment strategies in the global finance space, offering very attractive risk-adjusted tailored portfolios. The team is uniquely positioned to deliver steady and continuous returns by virtue of our professional in-house expertise and innovative partner infrastructure.

By executing these solutions, Consilient Capital aims to make a positive and meaningful impact on the barriers limiting the following markets:

Global Commerce

By challenging the traditional trade model, Consilient Capital has brought new players into the value chain, opening new possibilities that reduce the cost of capital offered while maximising risk-adjusted returns for the investor.

The Movement of Goods

The imbalance of the global trade chain is straining the flow of goods, often further restricted by the lack of available capital. Consilient Capital offers innovative and agile solutions to close the trade finance gap and rebuild connections in the global economy.

The Use of Novel Technology

Cryptocurrencies have proven to be a disruptive force in global finance. With the application of domain-specific expertise, Consilient Capital is able to bridge old and new systems, providing a targeted and scalable investment outlook.

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