Consilient Capital executes investment mandates for our partners and third parties through a majority owned and long-established Luxembourg based and regulated Investment Manager.

con • sil • i • ence The linking together of principles from different disciplines, especially when forming a comprehensive theory.

With deep experience in the world of trade finance, we find markets ripe for disruption, identifying unique opportunities for entrepreneurial investment. By challenging the conventional trade finance model, we are able to minimise the cost of capital and yet maximise risk-adjusted returns for investors. We are principal-driven, control-obsessed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to generate sustainable, long-term returns for our clients, alongside providing liquidity and working capital to the global commodity market and for general trade finance. We invest to create long-term value and high risk adjusted returns while providing capital to bridge a multi-trillion-dollar gap in the financing of world trade. We believe that the gains we help to create should be shared widely and profitably.

We are revolutionizing the movement of goods, services and finance.

One Opportunity

After the Basel III and IV proposals were finalised, banks decided to step out of the trade finance space. This created a gap in the global trade chain, straining the financing and flow of goods.

For too long, the trade finance gap has not only limited the global flow of goods but has blocked access to an abundance of capital. Since the financial crisis in 2009, the relevance of traditional trade finance instruments has diminished significantly. However, innovative instruments and tools are stepping in to fill this gap. Consilient Capital identifies trade finance gaps, matching them with innovative strategies to capitalise on these shifting markets.

We focus on those markets which are facing fundamental changes and disruptive challenges while the established former market participants are unable to adapt. We have identified partners, built expert know-how and established a footprint in such markets. Our current focus is on Trade Finance and Global Commerce, Commodities and Crypto. As an investor, you are seeking to diversify your investment portfolio, optimising your returns while minimising risks. Consilient Capital has the solution to meet your needs.

By working closely with talented and ambitious management teams and partners we improve investment performance and accelerate its growth steadily and continuously. “Life is a competitive endeavour. In real life, unlike in kids’ sports, you don’t get a trophy just for showing up. Rather, you get it for being the best. But don’t forget that, above all, you need to be the best team player, not just the best individual, because most trophies are for excellence in team endeavours, not just individual achievement.”

Business Proposition

Consilient Capital engages with those global markets which are facing fundamental changes, where the established market participants are either restricted or unable to adapt. The partners of Consilient Capital have significant experience and expert know-how within the domains of Trade Finance and Global Commerce, Commodities and Crypto. Consilient, via the regulated Luxembourg-based investment manager Opera, is now open to accept and manage third party mandates keen to invest in accordance with Consilient Capital’s thesis.

By adopting a different approach, Consilient Capital is confronting global challenges including:

1 Global commerce

By challenging the conventional global trade models, Consilient Capital applies a novel approach to reduce the cost of capital offered while maximising risk adjusted returns for the investor; innovative solutions for closing the trade finance gap and rebuilding connections in the global economy. We look at the core of misperceptions and engage in offering targeted financial solutions. The application of new technology, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts have proven to be a disruptive force in the global financial industry. Expert knowledge is needed to apply this technology in successfully bridging old and new paradigms and to provide a targeted and scalable investment outlook.

2 Picking the best partners

In a highly complex world, finding reliable and trustworthy partners is essential for survival. Consilient Capital has been careful and diligent in growing a first-class professional network of counterparties, experts, service providers, investors and affiliates. Time well spent to aim for long-term reliability.